Since the day I picked up my first crayon, I have been constantly drawing and creating with my hands. From sketching and painting to printmaking, my fingers are always plastered in mysterious colors and substances. I’ve always known that my passion for art and design would eventually lead me to pursue a creative career.

As much as I cherish handmade art, I’ve learned to work digitally with the same fondness and technique applied as I would with my hands. The bilateral approach to design has allowed me to be efficient in blending a variety of mediums to express the unique perspective in which I see and create my designs.

In addition to mastering my mediums, I’m a believer in having a strong concept. With a holistic viewpoint, I break apart and re-appropriate existing concepts, shapes and typography to create a coherent message that becomes the basis for my design language.

Hello, my name is Gina Park, and I am a Motion and Branding designer. As a recent graduate of ArtCenter College of Design with a BFA in Illustration and an emphasis in Motion Graphics, I am eager to collaborate with people who are down to get their hands dirty.